Bid Euchre

Bid Euchre is a variation on the classic card game Euchre. The main difference is that you bid for the number of tricks you think you can take and the trump suit. The complete rules can be found in rules.html.

The Bid Euchre program is designed for all platforms, and should compile for Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X, and many others. The Linux binaries haven't been tested yet, only compiled and packaged. Please let us know if they do not work. The GTK+ 2 version is for systems with GTK+ >= 2.0, and the GTK+ 1.2 is for systems with GTK+ >= 1.2.

Bid Euchre is free software under the GNU General Public License.

View the readme. Go to the SourceForge project website.


[ Windows Installer | Linux GTK+ 2.0 | Linux GTK+ 1.2 | Mac OS-X | Source Code ]

Go to the Download Page on SourceForge


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